Greg + Vanessa

Advanced warning: this couple is incredibly special to me so this might be a lengthy one! 

Grade 9, new highschool, no familiar faces - cue anxious and terrified Cate. Insert a very loud red headed girl with an infectious laugh - Emma. 

Emma very quickly became one of my best friends, which turned into us being at each other's houses every weekend. Our families growing close, and becoming the sweetest of friends. Being there for each other through growth, change, deaths, moves, and new beginnings. 

One thing was always the same: The Konrad House. 

The Konrad House always felt like home - and still does whenever anyone goes there. I remember watching old movies in the basement (on VHS sometimes - haha) with Emma and our other friends, obnoxiously laughing and being silly as teenage girls do. Laura was upstairs or out with her friends, likely trying to avoid us loud annoying girls. Meanwhile Greg was absolutely, without a doubt, trying to ignore us and decided band practice was a much better place to be than in his bedroom beside the basement living room. 

That didn't stop us from painting him pictures and leaving them all over his bed as a nice surprise for when he got home. Poor Greg had to put up with a lot from us, always pestering and asking him a million questions. 

We all eventually grew up, and stopped having movie nights in the Konrad's basement but the friendships, and extended family, we built stood strong. 

I had heard all about Vanessa from Emma when her and Greg started dating, and I was so excited for them! She told me all of the fun details, and about how much their family loved Vanessa, and that I would too. 

One day I got a text from Greg, and it was a picture of a ring. He bought Vanessa an Engagement ring!!! We had chatted about his plan for a proposal and how it was all going to happen. I could tell how excited he was, and I was beyond excited for them! 

Immediately after the proposal I got a text asking if I would photograph the wedding. Of course I said yes! I was so honoured that I was going to get to photograph such a special day for my sweet friends. 

It felt like we waited forever for this day to finally get here! But it was worth the wait, because it was absolutely perfect.

The Wedding

We spent some time before the ceremony with both Vanessa and Greg for getting ready photos. The energy this day was beautiful and was full of so much love! Even through some hiccups - a wrong suit, sewing Vanessa into her dress, and a few schedule changes - everything went fantastically.

Greg and Vanessa had their first look in front of the Retro Suites and it was swoon worthy! We did most of the photos before the ceremony so they could spend tons of time with their guests throughout the evening.

Family photos and Bridal Party came next! It was so fun working with a large bridal party because I haven't had very many this year! 

Side note: this was the first wedding EVER where I didn't need them to send me a family photo list - because I knew everyone ;) it was fabulous - haha. 

When I walked into the Chatham Armouries I was in awe. It is absolutely stunning and the decor was beautiful. All of the little touches and details showed beautifully in the space. The pictures speak for themselves! Also - they had a live painter and she was AMAZING (I'll put her info down below).

While we were waiting for the ceremony to start I said to Greg "How ya feeling? Any nerves?" He said very firmly "nope" with a (rare) smile on his face. I had never seen Greg be so excited about anything before for as long as I've known him. It was time to do the damn thing! 

The ceremony was so incredibly beautiful. Vanessa's sweet momma walked her down the aisle, and I fought back so many tears. They had two family members say readings and it was such a nice personal touch.

During cocktail hour we snuck Greg and Vanessa out for a few Portraits and we couldn't have asked for a better day! 

Their reception was full of dancing, fun, and amazing speeches. I also think the photobooth was a huge hit! Can we take a second to look at the COOKIE CAKE?! I quite literally screamed when I saw this - such a fun idea!

I am so thankful that I got to play such a special part in this beautiful wedding day. 

Greg and Vanessa, thank you for trusting me with this and for including me. I wish you a lifetime of happiness together and am so so happy for the both of you. 


Venue: Chatham Armouries

Getting Ready Location: Retro Suites

Event Planner: Lisa Best

Live Painter: @paintedbyshauna (Instagram)