Jane + James

Let me preface this by saying - I cried at pretty much every part of this wedding. When my husband and I arrived at the church I immediately felt the intimacy and the love that was going to be present on Jane and James' wedding day. What I didn't know was how personal this day was, and what it meant for the two of them - which of course we learned throughout the day!

The Ceremony

I generally will always scout out the person performing the ceremony as a courtesy, and to make sure there is nothing throughout that I need to be aware of, or if there is any part of the ceremony they do not want me to photograph, etc. We got there and I chatted with this person, and later realized that it was James' Dad and that this was their family's church - cue the first set of tears. I could tell how important this moment was for James' Dad, and how absolutely thrilled and honoured he was to be marrying his son and future daughter in law. His dad kept mentioning being able to "get through" the ceremony, and he did it! He didn't only do it well, he did it fantastically. The ceremony was beautiful and perfect in every way, and included so many personal details that were important to both Jane and James. Jane's Dad walking her down the aisle, siblings as the wedding party, James' mom starting the ceremony by praying over them - it was all perfect. My favourite part was their self written personal vows - where James promised to always touch Jane's butt (the exact moment seen in a photo below).

The Portraits

I knew that this portion of the day was going to be extra special - as pretty much the entire bridal party was made up of siblings. I also spotted a beautiful classic car when we pulled into the church and - not so casually - asked (begged) if we could use it for a few photos! It was at this point of the day that I really got to see Jane and James' love for each other, and what made them such a perfect pair. They were up for anything I asked them to do, and did it with smiles on their faces and love in their eyes! I got to learn more about their love story, and how they got to this beautiful day. Jane is so incredibly kind, sweet, and is always full of the best giggles, while James is thoughtful, intentional, keeps Jane laughing and is her rock. Also - can we take a minute to appreciate the beautiful mix matched dresses?! Obsessed.


While we were finishing up photos I could smell the BBQ - which is always a great sign (we're a cheeseburger family)! We went and found our seats with a few family friends, which if you have read any of my other posts (blog and insta), I often will write about how this is always a highlight of my day, and waited for Jane and James' entrance. We were treated like family all evening, and laughed and cried with the other guests. All of the speeches were so incredibly touching - especially both mom's. Both of the mom's speeches emphasized the love they have for Jane and James, the strength they both carry, the joy for the love they share, and some fun stories too.

Thank You

We felt so honoured to be part of such a family focused and beautiful wedding day. Thank you Jane and James for having us, and for treating us like family! You two have such a special love that is going to last a lifetime - and we can't wait to watch you grow together. xx